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Part Three: The Flash ( July 28, 2000 )

   Since you're going to be photographing bands in clubs, which tend to be dark, I advise using a flash. Some photographers who photograph bands tend to prefer not using flashes, but I think that if you want well lit photograph, it's much easier to use a flash. I've taken a few photographs, (only a few, not more than 5) without a flash, and the results were far less than satisfactory. So use a flash.

   The flash you use is going to be dependent on your camera, and what is compatible with your setup. So, once you've determined which set of flashes will work with your body, the choices you then will be faced with are used vs. new and big vs. medium vs. small, amongst other possibilities. I suggest getting a used flash, usually you can get a nicely used flash in good shape for the price of not as nice new flash. So I say get a used one. Then I'd suggest getting the most powerful flash you can afford, simply because the more powerful your flash is, the higher contrast your photos are going to have, and the more control over your photo you're going to be offered.    

   Another feature common with most camera systems, is the automatic control of the shutter speed and aperture by the flash. This is a pretty fail safe way to take fairly decent photos, I've relied on it for several of my photos up until recently. What happens, if your camera offers it, is once you turn on your flash, it will set the shutter speed and aperture of your camera for you, depending what it thinks is appropriate. Of course, you'll have to consult your cameras manual for the complete details.

   I've only used 2 flashes really, the Canon Speedlite 177 and the 199. The 199 is a larger flash than the 177, and has a rotating head, so you can angle the direction of the flash directly away from the subject. I found both to be reliable, but I prefer the 199 for the extra power that it offers. The 199 offers high contrast photos because of its additional power. I'll have ideas for using your flash in later sections.


Catharsis - - photo taken with Canon Speedlite 177

The Swarm - photo taken with Canon Speedlite 199


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