Old Ford Trucks
Mark brought me down to this place where he knew where there were these old trucks so we could take pictures, it was pretty cool. It wasn't long though before the grumpy old man who owned the lot asked if we could read the no treaspassing signs. His wife attempted to calm him down as he huffed and puffed, apparently he also didn't like his neighbours. Even though this guy had about 15 old 1950's era Ford Trucks in his lot, he was driving a brand new Lincoln Navigator. Where's the loyalty? Maybe he found out about the game where if you take the name of the Ford car/truck and replace Ford with anal, it works out to be about the funniest thing you've ever heard each time, (think Ford Probe, Ford Expedition, Ford Ranger... it's amazing.)

I printed these at the odd size of 6x8" for this frame I had. I used a piece of cardboard to block the center area of the photo so I could burn in the borders for an extra minute of exposure.

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