My Gear

What I take pictures with is pretty straight forward. I bought a Canon F-1N that was made in 1984 in 2001 in great condition from Henry's in Toronto, up until then I was using a Canon AE-1 (which most of the band photographs on this site are taken with). I picked up a motor drive recently off eBay for it and have always relied on the Canon FD 50mm lens that came with my parents AE-1. It's funny but intersting to think most of the photographs that I have taken on this site were taken with the very lens that took all of my baby photos.

I also have a Canon FD 28mm lens and 2 flashes that I rarely use, both Canon speedlites. I don't have any filters, or any of that jazz. I use Kodak Tri-X 400 almost exclusively, it's great film. You can buy 50 rolls for 2$ apiece at B&H Photo in NYC.

That's about it.