www.pedestrianx.com: Airshow, Ottawa, Canada 1991
I took these pictures as a kid, not long after my 12th birthday, with a Kodak Instamatic camera. I was obsessed at the time with aviation and fighter planes. I guess not much has changed since then. There were two significant events that occurred at this airshow. The first, it was the second time a Russian MiG-29 Fulcrum appeared at an airshow in North America, since this was only shortly after the cold war. And, it was a sad day when a P-51 Mustang failed to come up out of barrell roll and crashed, killing the pilot Harry Tope (of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan). (Another photo of this plane can be found here).
The airshow went on, however. I somehow recall taking a photograph of the pilot with his P-51 before any of the planes took to the sky, but I never got that photo back. Oddily, given my luck, when the plane crashed I was in the middle of changing rolls, and didn't get to capture the huge fire ball in the sky, but only was able to get pictures of the dark cloud of smoke.

I think it was this unfortunate event that sparked the source of the dreams I have now about crashing airplanes.

Remember to click on the thumbnail for the larger photo, if it isn't obvious.

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F-14 Tomcat. But Tom Cruise wasn't there.
The F-16 was my favorite plane when I was a kid.
Another F-16 photo
More F-16.
2 A-10's on a fly-by
This plane was display right beside the P-51 that crashed
mig 29 - for the second time in N. America
The MiG-29 taking off.
mig 29 (notice the huge Aeroflot transport behind it?)
Ottawa international airshow - P51 taking off before the crash
Ottawa air show - P51 crash, right after it crashed. Sadly the pilot is toast.
a little later after the crash - lots of smoke
The Canadian Snowbirds keep the show alive