This is a short list of places where my photographs have appeared.  


Where: The Trustkill Records Website
When: March 2002

Brief photograph advertising their US tour. 


Where: The Goodfellow/S.A. Mob/Redstar Records Compilation
When: 2001

Front CD cover photo.

Where: Kid Gorgeous Poster
When: 2001

Photos from Rocktoberfest appear on poster. 

Where: The Official Nora Site (merch page and photos section)
When: 2001

Photos from Rocktoberfest on site. 

Where: The Hope Conspiracy / Walls of Jericho Banner (Equal Vision Records Website)
When: 2001

Simple banner promoting the WOJ/THC tour in late 2001.

Where: The Kill the Man Who Questions website
When: 2001

Simple photos on their site. 

Where: Hardcore: California Style
When: 2000

  Matt Liles has been doing this site for years, and it's looking really good. It's a good source of information on bands and happenings in California. My photos of AFI, Death By Stereo, Adamantium, and Time in Malta are featured there.


Where: Assail 'Zine
When: 2000

This hardcore 'zine from New Zealand's first issue had an interview with Candace from Walls of Jericho and had about 5 of my photos in it.

Assail Front Cover | Assail Insert 1 |
  Assail Insert 2

Where: The Official One King Down Website
When: 2000

Photos on site, the site is now a porn site.

Where: Incite Magazine
When: 2001

There's an interview with me in this zine from Northern Ontario. 

  Cover | Interview Page 1 (big file)  | 
Interview Page 2
( big file )